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About Inneract

Generative and interactive art, for various scenarios

The cores of our generative art system are patent-pending machine learning algorithms and unique psychological research insights, together the team has been training and perfecting an AI system that is capable of communicating basic human moods and emotions in the form of visual art. 


Our research and design aim to bring the brand new form of art, which is generative, emotive and interactive, into everyday scenarios and contribute to the mental well-being and experience of everyone within.


The Immersive Healing Art System(IHAS)

The Interactive Healing Art System(IHAS), uses interactive audio-visual art as a healing experience that contributes to the mental wellness of individuals in different scenarios. IHAS can be applied via various forms of physical, screen-based installations.

(Art) IHAS_Pitch Deck_edited.jpg

The IHAS provides therapeutic experiences in which audiences are invited to co-create an artwork related to their current thoughts and emotions.

During the process, viewers are asked to make an expression based on their current mood or things that occupies their mind. The system would capture their expressions and generate a unique visual artwork for them, along with a clip of music and meaningful words related to the emotion.

The artworks are generated using tailored-built AI algorithms capable of creating an infinite amount of visual artwork under specific emotional styles, like calming, sad, happy and uplifting. Hence, in the IHAS system, every emotion detected could lead to different, often surprising and touching artwork that allow the spectators to see and experience. 

(Art) IHAS_Pitch Deck2_edited.jpg
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